“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go”

I love making (and eating) healthy breakfasts. Especially when they are packed with antioxidants, and even more if I am able share the love with a few good friends.

Even in Phuket, a quick consult with the housekeeper and my good friend Google allowed me to navigate my way through the less healthy sugar-filled local options and onto my way to healthy food. On the bright side, the locally sourced produce is amazing –  herbs, fruits and vegetables – all pretty much farm to table, but that’s the topic of another post altogether..

Whilst browsing thru Villa, which has the only decent International Supermarkets in Phuket, my eyes lit up when I saw these packs of frozen Acai. Just under 400THB for a pack of four.



Rushing home with them, I managed to run them through the Vitamix (yes, I was crazy enough to lug a 3 kilogram blender with me all the way to Phuket) and produce this beautiful and tasty acai bowl in seconds.

My beautiful Açai bowl

My beautiful Açai bowl

Here is my recipe:

  • 1 pack of frozen Açai
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 100ml of coconut milk (optional)
  • fresh fruits and other toppings

Place the açai pulp in the blender (another great option if you want to carry them whilst travelling is Açai powders like Sambazon) together with the frozen banana and coconut milk. Blend until smooth. Keep adding coconut milk until you achieve the desired consistency. Pour into serving bowl and top with fresh fruit, coconut chips or cacao nibs. I personally love the crunchy cacao nibs covered in coconut sugar from Iswari ( which I brought with me all the way from Czech Republic ). They are still low GI (Glycemic Index), but I find it tastes much more satisfying than just pure cacao nibs.

In case you didn’t already know, a handful of raw cacao nibs provides you with antioxidants, are an aphrodisiac, high in Magnesium, fight free radicals, healthy fats, mood-elevating, healthy brain activity.


Much love, Michaela