When speaking of Martini bar, it reminds me of the high life, glamour and sophistication and of course the famous movie James Bond 007.

“Shaken, not stirred”. Hearing those words conjures up the image of James Bond, vodka martini in hand, a seductive woman beside him, and the threat of danger. If you want me to remind you, this is good video collage.

James Bond Martini bar

James Bond is famous worldwide for his love of martinis and the ladies. The drink was originally mixed using gin and vermouth garnished with an olive or lemon peel, the vodka martini is also known as the vodkatini.

Espresso Martini.

Espresso Martini.I have tried  good classic martini before and I enjoy the atmosphere of sitting at the Martini bar. As time goes on, the martini is no longer just movie’s famous sophisticated drink for gentleman’s. There are many martini’s worth trying and espresso martini is one of my favourite.

Lychee and Passion fruit Martini.

Lychee and Passion fruit Martini.

Singapore is well-known for it’s cocktail bar scene, so you can probably get martini everywhere. However, if you are like me, driven by “perfect” atmosphere and you want the real Martini bar experience, try the Martini bar Mezze 9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Martini bar Grand Hyatt

Martini bar Grand Hyatt

This bar is located in Grand Hyatt, covering over 30 specially concocted martinis to choose from. A must try includes espresso martini, their signature Lychee martini or less sweet Passion fruit. If you like spicy, go for ginger martini, I loved it!

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Mezza9, Mezzanine Level, Grand Hyatt Singapore

Dress code

Smart Casual (Singlets and flip-flops are not allowed)